31. 8.–2. 9. 2018

At Cesta in Tábor

 F&Q  Feminist & Queer Camp in Tabor?

We invite you to a camp for queers and queer allies. This meeting is for whomever calls themselves a feminist as well as those who aren’t afraid to stand around the campfire with a bunch of feminists and chew on vegan hotdogs.

Get ready to collect your activity tokens, enjoy a camp carnival and a forest treasure hunt. It will be a weekend of workshops, discussions, exercise, creativity, concerts and partying – with a smoothie, beer or a cocktail.

At least for a little while, will be able to create the world we wish our everyday life could resemble. Even though the path to such a daily reality is long (and we’re not giving up!), our camp at CESTA in Tabor intends to create a safe and inspiring space for those who may not understand each other completely, but will surely respect each other, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Fuck sexism, rasism, puritanism! Fuck heteronormativity and political apathy! 


Reserve your space at camp early!


700,- all weekend / 350,- one night

Your donation covers the daily program, accommodation, and vegan breakfast (Sat, Sun) & dinner (Saturday).

Daily program without sleeping: 150/day

* only program (sleeping&food not included)