COVID-19 AND FAQ 2020? Unfortunately, we had to cancel this year’s FAQ camp due to the situation related to covid-19. However, we plan to get together for a smaller version of our gathering on 19th September, 2020. So stay with us as we will release more details during the summer.


At Cesta in Tábor

F&Q No. 2

(5th – 7th June, 2020)

In these unstable times, the world is facing a climate crisis, right wing politics are gaining power while the left’s perception of the world is denied and devalued; “gender ideology” is disparaged and paranoia about queers destroying “traditional values” runs rampant. There is no better time to host F&Q Camp No. 2! These issues will remain complex and problematic for as far as we can see into the future, and we are ready to show them our middle finger!

Why? Maybe because we don’t find fulfillment with blind dedication to our work in a capitalist world which wants us to function as inexhaustible machines. Maybe because we will never let corporations steal our hopes and dreams. Maybe because we are stronger in numbers; together we can fight our frustrations and feelings of loneliness. Maybe because it is better to discuss and deal with the world’s problems face-to-face, rather than just reading about them on the web. Maybe because people need to relax and regenerate among kindred spirits. And maybe just because!

Join us! There will be workshops, discussions, music, a bar, vegan food, relaxation and fun! We can inspire each other and maybe we can figure out a way to kick this unjust society in the ass!

Fuck sexism! Fuck racism! Fuck heteronormativity! Fuck gender norms! Fuck capitalism!

FaQ(t) we want to live and not just survive!

More info soon!

RESERVATIONS for 2020 will be open soon!