Feminist & Queer Camp 2020


In these unstable times, the world is facing a climate crisis, right wing politics are gaining power while the left’s perception of the world is denied and devalued; “gender ideology” is disparaged and paranoia about queers destroying “traditional values” runs rampant. There is no better time to host F&Q Camp No. 2! These issues will remain complex and problematic for as far as we can see into the future, and we are ready to show them our middle finger!

Why? Maybe because we don’t find fulfillment with blind dedication to our work in a capitalist world which wants us to function as inexhaustible machines. Maybe because we will never let corporations steal our hopes and dreams. Maybe because we are stronger in numbers; together we can fight our frustrations and feelings of loneliness. Maybe because it is better to discuss and deal with the world’s problems face-to-face, rather than just reading about them on the web. Maybe because people need to relax and regenerate among kindred spirits. And maybe just because!

Join us! There will be workshops, discussions, music, a bar, vegan food, relaxation and fun! We can inspire each other and maybe we can figure out a way to kick this unjust society in the ass!

Fuck sexism! Fuck racism! Fuck heteronormativity! Fuck gender norms! Fuck capitalism!

FaQ(t) we want to live and not just survive!

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"Do What You Love"

A Feminist Criticism of the Ideology of Work.
(Luba Kobová)
Today, a person's social status and to a great degree, their self worth, is derived from their paid work. Moreover, it is not enough these days just to go to a job and do your hours... you are supposed to dedicate yourself to your work, love it, do only what you love. Otherwise your life is lost. This talk will focus on the difference between understanding work as a locus for self-realization and as a means of subsistence. I will not argue for the accuracy of either viewpoint; my aim is to clarify that, in order for us to work, for the required hours, quality and certain financial remuneration, we are brought to other ideologies of work, which could be used to argue for the full integration of women in society. However, it is time to look at them critically?


Who says feminists can’t have their “Miss”? Everyone already knows that feminists are disgusting and hairy, and face masks against SARS-CoV-2 are the only things that would make it possible for them to have sex, even though it has to be online or at a distance of 1.5-2 meters - just about the length of a broom handle! So on what basis should the “Miss” contestants be judged, if not beauty? The Miss Feminist contestants have been down to three semifinalists who will honor their respective groups. Maybe you will see their glory, maybe you will throw organic tomatoes and cobblestones at them, who knows? Miss Feminist is an exaggeration, irony, blowing up our own and others’ rules, and mainly fun! A lot of crazy shit for a little investment! Come to the show and maybe you will find that we are all “beauty” queens! The amateur drama group Crotch returns to the stage! No one knows what will happen there, maybe they will surprise themselves! They have played their previous shows Snail’s Life and ... (please check how I translated it last year?) at DIY events. Their performances link the same things that hold them together as a group- irony, hard humor, feminism, queer identity and protests against conformity in whatever form, as well as their living room rehearsals. The group comprises residents of Litomerice and Prague in a 3:1 ratio, And they are not representative model citizens of either of those cities!


Defend Yourself Against Aggression

Experiential self-defense workshop
In this workshop, we will learn to defend ourselves against unpleasant or threatening situations which might escalate into violence. We will teach you how to control these situations physically and psychologically; how to appear self confident and stand up for yourself; how to react in an emergency, find the right words, etc. The goal of the workshop is to help you find your limits, learn to resist and not let yourself be manipulated. After the workshop, you will feel more confident and you will know how to react in crisis situations - and how not to! The workshop is appropriate for everyone, regardless of their physical conditions.


Korky&Wicky make electro-punk. We play everything we like and sometimes stuff we don't like. We never know how a composition is going to end up, so you can look forward to a lot of surprises. We use a controller, a sampler and computer, guitars, a looper, some strange effects and clumsy hands.
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