F&Q Feminist & Queer Camp

What’s all this about!? We invite you to a camp for queers and queer allies. This meeting is for whomever calls themselves a feminist as well as those who aren’t afraid to stand around the campfire with a bunch of feminists and chew on vegan hotdogs.

At least for a little while, we will attempt to design the world we wish our everyday life could resemble. Even though the path to such a daily reality is long (and we’re not giving up!), our camp at CESTA in Tabor intends to create a safe and inspiring space for those who may not understand each other completely, but will surely respect each other, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

If you are not afraid of movement, thinking about your body, your limits and those of others; if you can respect others and aren’t afraid to dip your face in the mud, you are welcome! It will be a weekend of workshops, discussions, exercise, creativity, concerts and partying – with a smoothie, beer or a cocktail. Get ready to collect your activity tokens and enjoy a camp carnival and a forest treasure hunt!

F&Q sexism, racism and puritanism! Fuck the patriarchy! F&Q hetero- and homo-normativity!

Stay Queer and Rebel!

Program 2018

18:30–20:30 – F&Q Silkscreening
19:00–20:30 – Dinner
20:30–21:00 – Cácory
21:15–22:00 – Eat My Fear
22:20–24:00 – DJ Domie (techno, rave, 90’s hits)
00:00–02:00 – After Party

08:30–10:30 – Breakfast
09:30–10:00 – Rise and Shine!
10:00–11:30 – Queer Storytelling
10:00–11:30 – Find Your Strength – English friendly
11:30–13:30 – (Carnival) Monster workshop – English friendly
11:30–12:30 – F&Q Silkscreening
14:45–16:00 – Laura and Her Tiger (BDSM discussion) – English friendly
16:00–18:00 – Rope-Bondage Workshop – English friendly
18:00–19:00 – Mudwrestling (or, for more gentle dispositions, mudsplashing;-))
19:00–20:30 – Dinner
18:30–20:00 – Changing Room
20:00–20:30 – G and the Spots (concert)
20:30–20:45 – Relic (excerpt)
20:45–21:45 – The Lesbian´s Tragedy (performance)
22:00–24:00 – DJ Aisling (techno, minimal, synthwave)
00:00–03:00 – DJ Gaya & DJ Jane Doe (techno)

08:30–10:30 – Breakfast
09:30–11:30 – Radical Sloth for the Monkey Mind (workshop)
11:45–12:45 – Treasure hunt in the forest!
13:00–13:15 – Camp Closing Ritual (Packing…)


This group from the Czech town of Děčín, oozing punk from their roots and through their lyrics, is coming to convince you amidst the tents, around the campfire, that folk's not dead! A cheap price for such a beautiful feeling! Come to hear punk songs borne of the harsh northern Czechlands. click here to listen to one of their creations... Or maybe this one?

Eat My Fear

Queercore is what this band calls itself - representing feminism, veganism and the spirit of Berlin! Nothing more need be said. They will grind you up to a very fine powder! Have a listen on: their bandcamp. 

G and the Spots

Armed only with a ukulele and a sense of humor, these two middle-aged dykes take on musical HERstory, promising persistent underachievement. Join them in their blissful revelry!

DJane Aisling

DJane Aisling has been winding her way around the edges of the Prague music scene for several years. She has experimented with various music styles at twilight EBM, fetish and body modification events. Aisling seems to have found a home in dark electronica, and she’s going to pop her head out of these obscure corners just long enough to prominently invade our uncharacteristically joyful Tabor and let loose her synthwave set on Saturday night. Will it be dark enough? Queer enough?

The Lesbian’s Tragedy

The Czech amateur theatre group Roz-krok presents the dramatic tale of a woman of humble origins in a dysfunctional family, and her journey to feminism. Expect the unexpected, DIY, irony, and penetrating wit with no holds barred! Created especially for this festival from a small but illustrious living room in Litomerice! In Czech language only, but no doubt a visual treat enjoyable for all!

Mudwrestling (or, for more gentle dispositions, mudsplashing;-))

For all those campers on the hunt for the most activity tokens, we have a special offer in the form of a gender nonidentifiable mud bath, knowing no peer in all the land. Dare to spar with us and you will win double tokens. You can create your own team (2 or more people) or just pull random passersby into the game! A proper mud wrestling match will be modeled at an appointed time by mudlover extraordinaire, the challenger Lady No-Rust Steel, employing her deathly thigh grip, pitted against Lady Housewife hurling indestructible mud cakes and Pink Lady, possessor of a disarmingly high-frequency screech that could cause the mud itself to jump out of the ring. You have been warned!

Radical Sloth for the Monkey Mind

Life is complex and varied internally, in relation to others, and in our sociopolitical contexts. We offer you a two-hour workshop to nurture mind, body and soul. We will experiment with a variety of expressive arts techniques to fully experience the present moment and support our authentic self-expression.


In Czech, they say thirst is just hunger in disguise, and hunger is just gas in disguise… You can confirm or deny this theory at our pimped-up bar that will tease your empty gizzards. Manna from heaven, liquid and solid, cocktails - both virgin and like a virgin, tea and coffee, beer, wine, soft drinks and hard drinks. Please use our bar rather than your own personal mini bar 😉 Profits will be used to cover the travel costs of workshop leaders and musicians etc. Thank you for your consideration.

Laura and Her Tiger

Have you ever wanted to tame (or be tamed by) a wildcat, but weren’t sure it fit your politics? Come and try on some different skins in this playful workshop exploring the intersection of BDSM and feminism. Find your roar as we investigate giving and taking consensually; where do you end and I begin? Where can we meet? Bring your curiosity.

F&Q silkscreening workshop

We welcome you to camp with an activity: make your own t-shirt with the F&Q design. We will have all the necessary silkscreening materials and some silkscreening experts to help you. You will find recycled garments you can print on (so you are sure to have an original) but you are invited to bring your own as well. We ask for a small donation to cover materials.

Rise and shine!

Jumping back to the 80s, join us for a morning disco workout, complete with spandex and headbands.

Bondage for beginners

A safe, queer, inclusive space for people to learn the basics of Shibari (Kinbaku) rope play. Bondage for beginners will include learning about rope types, safety information, the basic knot, and other simple ties. This workshop will focus on exploring and experimenting with rope either by yourself or with partners.

Find Your Strength

In this workshop we will discuss our strengths, weaknesses and the concept of safety. We will look at how these personal and cultural values, habits and reflections can be used in the real world – both in friendly and intimidating situations. In addition to this, we will discuss how we can re-train ourselves and practice awareness and self-defense tactics.

Queer Storytelling

We will focus on our breathing, relaxing body and mind, and get our blood and creativity flowing. Using various techniques, we will try some simple storytelling principles and create space for telling stories on specific themes. Sharing is open to whomever wants to share. All of us know how to tell a story; this ability is not dependent on dramatic skill but authentic self-expression. You don’t need any previous experience, just possess a body and a voice - or at least one of them. It is not necessary to be queer. Just to be.

Relic (excerpt)

Relic (excerpt) is a relic of the original performance, Relic (premiered in May 2018). It is a musical exploration of themes of closure, endings, and identity through the activation of our archive of performative longings.

Treasure Hunt in the Forest!

Keep searching. It could be anywhere. On a tree. In the attic. Alongside that girl’s spine over there... A word. A verse. Reveal the message. Share the revelation. Win!

(Carnival) Monster Workshop

Release your inner monster. In this workshop we will journey to the roots of our own weirdness, fine tune it to the maximum and let it loose upon the world! Bring your imagination and DIY attitude!